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Call-In Show That Runs Every Sunday from 2pm to 3 pm:

 Program - Benefits

  1. 1)  3 - InStudio FULL GUEST Segment 7-10 minutes

    2)  Promote your business on the show during our segment

    3)  3 - Live host endorsement (day of the guest segment which can run up to 30 minutes)

    4) 13 – 15-second commercials (1 per week during the hourly show.

    5)  3– Show Open & Close sponsor mention (day of the segment)

    6)  Post to the Show’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages

    7)  Receive your recorded segment from google drive or MP3

    8)  Name listed on Radio Station Directory on their Website

  2. Total Investment:

  3. Retail value $4,550 / 13 weeks - $ 350 per week for a 13-week commitment with the option to renew for next the 13 weeks

    1. You can get an additional 5% discount if paid for 13 weeks ahead of time. That’s a discount of $228 with a payment of $4,322 for 13 weeks. Great Benefits for $332 per week or $47 per day
    2. For each Prospect to be on the radio show live to get a taste, just need a deposit payment of $600 which can be applied to a 13-week contract.
    3. All premium services like targeted custom commercial spots, live remotes, expo show booths and video productions will be billed at cost plus 20% for all services under $400 or 10% for services over $400


  4. Both parties will follow all FCC rulings 

    Let’s get started:

    1. Sign this contract and email it to Douglas Paschal in the email below. Submit your contract fee on our website and schedule a time to meet with Doug and make your commercial.
    2. Prepare a list of the top 10 (ten) most frequently asked questions and answers via email prior to the date of your first show to
    3. Put SOS Sponsor Questions in the Subject line.
    4. Arrange for friends, family, colleagues, and customers/clients/patients to call the show with these above questions, you will also get great calls from the public as well, we always have backup plans.
    5. Arrive at Radio Station promptly at 12:30pm to prepare for the program which starts at 2pm.
    6. Meet with the host (Doug and /or Dale) at the radio station to make your commercial before you go on the air.


    ________________________________                     ________________________________

     Sponsor Signature  (Printed)                       Sponsor Signature    (Signed)



    _____________________________________        _____________________________________ 

            Sponsor Business Name                  SOS host Douglas Paschal                   






If interested in partnering with SOS Serve our Seniors and KSEV, print off and sign the above Sponsor Contract to

Prices will never be this low again!